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Although I've not held onto copies of much of what I did at Whit Publications, way back in the early nineties when desktop publishing was new, you can follow the link above to see a partial listing of some of what I worked on while I was there. It was a valuable learning experience.

More recently I've been very inspired by the Squallis Puppeteers, a local performing troupe.  In a recent class I drew on that inspiration for this recent addition to my portfolio. I think of it as my puppet folder.

Inspiration comes from all over the place, particularly other media. Check out this drawing I did of a stage design for a play, in which the opening poses of the actresses reference a painting by Picasso.

Fair Use for Educational Purposes allows the limited use of copyrighted material by students in the development of their portfolios. This website includes some student work, as well as subsequent professional projects. Any logos recreated for projects on this web site have been rendered out of a love for the original works in question and in the hope that those who have inspired said projects will appreciate the results. No attempt has been made to sell any of said projects, nor has there been any intention to infringe upon the rights of the copyright holders. If any person or legal entity should feel that their product or logo has been inappropriately represented, please utilize the email address found on the contact page of this site, and corrections will be made at the earliest convenience. Thanks and Love to all Evolving Resonances.