-Olive Cap
-awkward gla_

-Initiation of Vacuchic
-Blue Fearie
-Gnossis of Eve
-Death Scene From an Imaginary Graphic Novel
-Rising in the Light, Falling in the Flesh

-I need A/C
-Enshrined in Nonsense
-The Space Between
-Well, she had warned him

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Eve presents Adam the fruit

Study on the Gnossis of Eve (2)

The second in a series of efforts to move a mural concept beyond the sketchbook stage, this piece utilizing chalk pastels, colored pencils, and acrylic mediums, is black light reactive and moves the composition out onto the included frame itself.

The imagery attempts to explore the moment between when Eve has eaten the "fruit" and tells Adam that "It is good." This drawing is not necessarily about what you believe. The artist accepts none of the views of those who believe themselves to hold a monopoly on truth. The inspiring concepts behind this exploration are two parts Gnosticism, one part Tarot (6, the Lovers), one part I Ching (Earth into Heaven) and one part Camus' "The Stranger," in which the protagonist, like Adam, accepts no responsibility for his actions (thence appearing passive).

This piece has been donated to the 2009 Art for the Animals Charity Auction to be held August 6th at the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center, Louisville, KY.