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Jungian Tarot

This is both a fascinating and disappointing deck. My favorite feature is the absence of numbers and titles on the major arcana cards; althought the LWB presents the Strength and Justice cards in that order, respectively, there is nothing to prevent the dogmatically inclined from reodering these cards to conform to one's own predelictions. But the minor arcana cards are mere pip cards whose LBW interpretations differ radically from most decks.

This deck came to me through a friend who'd incurred a slight karmic imbalance with me. He rarely used this deck except to employ the major arcana in spellcasting rituals. The lack of imagery in the minor arcana made this deck very difficult for a very intuitive reader. For actual readings he prefered the Rider-Waite. My friend had briefly been in the employ of a roofer and home remodeler. While working a particular house, they came across the ONLY THING in the entire abandoned residence: a copy of this deck.

To read more about and see examples from this deck visit this link.

The Rider-Waite Tarot

This relatively classic interpretation of Tarot dates to the earliest days of the Spiritual Movement that lead to the so-called New Age Movement.

This is nominally the deck which is the basis of the Today's Journey Tarot™ which, I have been commissioned to illustrate. The Rider-Waite and its various re-colorized editions simply depict late Medieval or Renaissance persons engaged in activities that intend to portray the meanings of the cards, Major and Minor.

To read more about and see examples from this deck visit this link.

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